Sensory analysis of odor, taste, vision, via instrument for Environment industry.

Lab and on-field solution for environmental analysis

The analysis and monitoring of odor & chemical pollution are major concerns in environmental matters.

Our instrumental solutions for sensory and chemical analysis allow testing various types of samples and addressing many environmental applications:

  • • Odor analysis and odor quantification of ambient air samples, control of the efficiency of a deodorization process, detection of air contaminants (BTEX compounds, toxic Volatile Organic Compounds / VOC, etc
  • • Detection and quantification of trace contaminants or target chemical compounds (HAP, pesticides, etc) in soil samples
  • • Analysis of pollution and contaminants in water (benzene, pesticides, etc), measurement of bacteria development, screening of reclaimed water produced from domestic wastewater

Advantages of instrumental sensory analysis in the environmental industry

  • • A global approach, both sensory and chemical
  • • Reliable results produced from instrumental measurements that can be correlated with other techniques such as olfactometry
  • • A means to avoid unpleasant and hazardous human testing
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