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Excellent stability of FAST GC E-Nose columns

HERACLES e-nose is based on fast gas chromatography with 2 metal columns. The stability of these columns has been followed up over 3 years at Alpha MOS laboratory. This was achieved by conducting the recommended weekly diagnostic with a mixture of alkanes ranging from n-hexane (C6) to n-hexadecane (C16) and recording all the analysis results.

The diagnostic analysis was performed on a set of columns MXT-5 and MXT-1701, delivered in standard with the instrument. During this 3-year period, around 30 000 assays of more than 100 types of products have been conducted one these 2 columns.
The results showed an excellent stability with a very low drift of retention times (between 0.5% and 2% for the heaviest compounds).

Several technical features explain this outstanding stability:

  • - The MXT-5/MXT-1701 column set is known for its very high stability
  • - Compared to liquid injection, headspace analysis lowers the concentration of low volatility impurities that could accumulate in the system
  • - The liner and embedded trap stop any non-volatile or very low volatile compounds that could accumulate on the columns and degrade their performance
  • - The specific instrument design guarantees the absence of oxygen in the columns at any time of the analysis cycle even during headspace injection.

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