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Sensory analysis and marketing

Sensory analysis and marketing

If the marketing of your product is based on its so unique and typical appearance, odor or taste, it can be very useful to reproduce them and to be sure of their consistency all through the production line.

A shape or a color modified, a different flavor or a manufacturing defect change the visual aspect, the odor or the taste of your product and can generate consumer claims, hence damage your reputation on this product.

Our sensory analysis solutions help you assure the organoleptic quality of your products and their reliability and guarantee reproducible measurements on the whole production line.

The storage of instrumental sensory analysis data allows the traceability of your products to respect your commitment towards consumers, which is a token of quality.

The consistency control of visual quality, odor quality or taste quality of your products will assure consumers' satisfaction.

In addition to the fact that organoleptic control is part of marketing, this sensory analysis can detect flaws in raw materials or manufacturing process and thus avoid production loss.

Our skills in sensory analysis are at your disposal, either for using our analytical instruments in your company or for outsourcing your analyses at our analytical laboratories.

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