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Assuring a constant quality all over the production line is not always easy.

The isntruments and services in sensory analysis from Alpha MOS are designed to check the organoleptic properties of the production and help monitor them.

Our experts in sensory analysis are at your service to develop bespoke solutions providing results that meet your needs.

Our laboratory in sensory analysis services consists of a team of skilled and experienced professionals who assist you at every step of the project, advise you and help you with results interpretation.

Your need in sensory analysis is managed by our highly qualified experts, who benefit from an extensive know-how and from more than 20 years of experience in sensory and chemical analysis. We offer a fully customized service that allows you to decrease development costs and time or to improve the quality of your products.

Our experience in a variety of areas such as food and beverage, flavors and fragrances, ingredients, food packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, environment, etc… allows us to characterize, with our proprietary instruments, in an objective and reliable way, your products based on their odor, taste features or their visual aspect.


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