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Sensory analysis for product quality

Sensory analysis for product quality

Our analytical instruments allows you to assure a consistent quality for your products all through the manufacturing process.

Our sensory analysis tools help you monitor the odor, taste or visual quality of your food and beverage products. This way you can take action on your manufacturing process to change production parameters and thus monitor the odor, taste or visual appearance as desired.

Our at-line control tools enable to strictly check raw materials and ingredients entering the composition of your final product. By acting fast, you save raw material and you can launch the production without losing time.

By integrating sensory analysis upstream, since the very first steps of your production, you guarantee that the target sensory features are obtained so that the consumer finds the expected taste, flavor or visual appearance, that make the product so unique.

Thanks to our sensory analysis solutions, you cna increase customer satisfaction and thus reduce the number of consumer claims, improve the brand image and your company renown.

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