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Sensory analysis and technical tools

Sensory analysis and technical tools

The technical tools for sensory analysis enable you to increase the quality in food production. The sensory evaluation tools from Alpha MOS allow a fast and accurate analysis of the sensory parameters of your products (odor, taste and visual appearance).

Thanks to these tools, you can rapidly take action on your production line to fix any malfunction observed, for example a change in taste or an unpleasant off-odor.

With our sensory analysis tools, you can speed up your ability to take action on your manufacturing process. As a consequence, you minimize goods loss and benefit from a significant time saving.

Our sensory analysis tools give you real-time information so that you can limit production losses.

Our sensory analysis techniques allow you to evaluate the extent of the changes that need to be conducted, which saves time within the control process of your production line.

By using our sensory analysis tools on your production line, your production throughput will be increased.

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