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Sensory analysis of food and beverage

Sensory analysis of food and beverage

You are a food company and you wish to achieve a sensory evaluation of your food or beverage products ?

Contact Alpha MOS company, the specialist in sensory evaluation and dedicated analytical instrumentation.

We manufacture and market analytical instruments : electronic noses, electronic tongues, visual analyzers, odor analysis modules, gas chromatographs.

These sensory analysis instruments allow to evaluate raw materials, food ingredients, beverage, processed food, via an in-depth sensory evaluation :

  • - Sensory analysis of odors and flavors with the electronic nose
  • - Sensory analysis of tastes with the electronic tongue
  • - Analysis of colors and shapes with the visual analyzer


Alpha MOS proposes sensory evaluation solutions in order to help food and beverage industrials solve their issues :

  • - Food and beverage quality control
  • - Development of new food and beverage products
  • - Monitoring of customer claims on food products
  • - Food packaging testing


If you wish to develop this type of applications in your company, contact Alpha MOS.

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