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Sensory analysis and quality

Sensory analysis and quality

Alpha MOS company specializes in sensory analysis, in particular for food and beverage industries.

Alpha MOS provides sensory analysis solutions to assure the quality and safety of food products at every step of the production, from farm to fork.

Sensory analysis enables to determine the quality, a crucial parameter for food and beverage products success on the market.

Alpha MOS proposes several types of analyses: either the sensory analysis of odor, the sensory analysis of taste or the sensory analysis of the visual aspect.

To achieve that, different types of analytical instruments are used for evaluating food products :

  • - The electronic nose
  • - The electronic tongue
  • - The visual analyzer


Thanks to these instruments, food industries can perform an in-depth sensory evaluation of food and beverage products.

This sensory evaluation approach offers numerous advantages like: a multi-sensory approach, reliable results, high analysis capabilities, easy-to-understand and accessible results and a means to decrease the sensory analysis workload.

Range of Analytical Instruments

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