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Sensory analysis in the food industry

Sensory analysis in the food industry

Your are a food company and you need to conduct sensory analyses on your different food products?

Alpha MOS offer is the one you need. Indeed we propose several types of sensory analyses thanks to:

  • - Our analytical instruments
  • - Our analytical services


Our analytical instruments for sensory evaluation of food products include :

  • - The electronic nose for analyzing odors and gases. In addition, the odor analysis module AroChemBase allows a chemical and sensory analysis of food products
  • - The electronic tongue for analyzing tastes
  • - The visual analyzer for analyzing colors and shapes


We also propose different analytical services :

  • - The sensory analysis of odors
  • - The sensory analysis of tastes
  • - Visual sensory analysis (instrumental evaluation of colors and shapes)
  • - Chemical analysis using gas chromatography.


Choose to entrust your products to sensory analysis and sensory evaluation professionals, choose Alpha MOS!

Range of Analytical Instruments

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