Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs

Sensory analysis of odor, taste, and vision - QA, Regulatory affairs applications.

How can instrumental sensory evaluation help QA & regulatory affairs departments?

At every step, the product, the manufacturing process and inspection systems must comply with quality standards and regulations. In assessing product and process compliance, chemical composition and sensory features must be strictly and consistently analyzed.

Thanks to our instrumental sensory analysis solutions, Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs departments can get objective and reliable tools to meet their needs in:

  • • Chemical & sensory conformity testing against internal standards
  • • Chemical and sensory analysis for assuring compliance with standards and regulations
  • • Comparison of products to databases and references
  • • Monitoring customer claims by identifying the origin of defects

Advantages of instrumental sensory analysis for Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

  • • Certification of product quality by sensory / chemical fingerprint
  • • Improvement of product consistency on sensory quality / chemical quality
  • • Fast and quantitative response to customer complaints on sensory features
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