Product Development

Sensory analysis of odor, taste, and vision - Product development application.

How can instrumental sensory evaluation boost product development?

Industrials are under pressure for speeding up time to market in order to maintain competitive advantage and fulfill consumers demand for new products. Sensory features are closely related with consumers preference and are key parameters in differentiating products and directly impacting their success on the market.

Thanks to our instrumental sensory analysis solutions, Research & Development and product development departments can get fast and reliable tools to meet their needs in:

  • • Sensory benchmarking of competitive products: aroma comparison, taste comparison, appearance comparison
  • • Fast chemical and sensory screening
  • • New product development driven by sensory features
  • • Method development to reach desired sensory properties
  • • Aroma shelf life / taste shelf life monitoring
  • • Odor or taste masking efficiency testing
  • • Bitterness measurement
  • • Quantification of sensory attributes
  • • Chemical optimization of products
  • • Optimization of product sensory features (aroma, taste, aspect)
  • • Reverse-engineering implementation: process or recipe optimization to meet specified sensory characteristics
  • • Packaging validation to avoid off-odor / off-taste in consumer products

Advantages of instrumental sensory analysis for product development

  • • Better products that meet consumer expectations in terms of aroma and taste
  • • Better manufacturing process to guarantee consistent sensory properties
  • • Decreased development time & expenses for new product formulation
  • • Faster product launch
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