Sensory analysis of odor, taste, and vision - Marketing application.

How can instrumental sensory evaluation help marketing & sales departments?

In highly competitive markets, the marketing departments need objective evidence that their product differentiates from all other brands to promote sales. Sensory features are closely related with consumers preference and are key parameters in differentiating products and directly impacting their success on the market.

Thanks to our instrumental sensory analysis solutions, marketing and sales departments can get objective and reliable tools to meet their needs in:

  • • Sensory benchmarking of competitive products: flavor comparison / taste comparison / visual comparison
  • • Development of new products based on sensory requirements and specifications
  • • Sensory descriptive tests: aroma profile, taste profile
  • • Quantification of sensory attributes
  • • Simplification of consumers tests
  • • Proof of product sensory benefits as a Sales & Marketing tool
  • • Certification of product sensory quality by sensory / chemical fingerprint

Advantages of instrumental sensory analysis for marketing and sales

  • • Tools to develop better products that meet market expectations and consumer tastes
  • • Fast methods that help speed-up product development and launch new products earlier than competition to generate more sales turnover
  • • Objective proofs of product quality and key differentiator
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