Gas Chromatographs
Instrument for chemical analysis

PR3000 Flash Gas Chromatograph

This fast gas chromatograph achieves compounds separation in some seconds or a few minutes. Available in lab and on-field configurations, PR3000 instrument is ideal to increase analysis productivity.

Advantages of PR3000 Gas Chromatograph

  • Compact,
    small footprint
  • Ultra fast analysis
    without any loss of resolution
  • High sample throughput:
    3 to 8 minutes
  • High sensitivity
    (down to low ppb), even on highly volatile compounds
  • Possible upgrade
    to an electronic nose with odor analysis capabilities
  • Reliable identification
    of compounds thanks to the 2 columns and optional Arochembase package

See some results :

Technical features of PR3000 Gas Chromatograph

PR3000 fast gas chromatograph shows unsurpassed performance thanks to a unique combination of technical features:

  • • Embedded and thermo-regulated pre-concentration trap increasing sensitivity
  • • Liquid or headspace injection modes
  • • Numerous sampling options: manual syringe injection, gas bag sampling accessory, large volume capability, autosampler with different vial sizes (from 10mL to 1L)
  • • Sample extraction and enrichment options adaptable on the autosampler: Petri dish sampling, Thermal Desorption AutoSampler (TDAS), Flow Cell for dynamic measurement
  • • Fast heating rate: up to 10C/s
  • • 2 Columns of different polarities in parallel, coupled to 2 ultra sensitive Flame Ionization Detectors (FID)
  • • Lab & on-field configurations
  • • Powerful AlphaSoft software: instrument monitoring, chromatograms acquisition and integration
  • • Optional AlphaSoft multivariate statistics module: qualitative and quantitative analysis using statistical data processing and chemometrics. This software module gives access to electronic nose functionalities for odor analysis
  • • Optional Odor Analysis Module (AroChemBase) for chemical and sensory characterization of the products composition based on the Kovats Index of chemical compounds
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