Visual Analyzer
Instrument for sensory analysis of vision

IRIS Visual Analyzer

This camera-based imaging system is designed for visual assessment of products appearance.

The visual aspect of products, and especially food products, is strongly linked with quality in consumers' mind. Therefore color and appearance are crucial sensory parameters for products success and need to be reliably and consistently monitored.

By achieving instrumental analysis of the overall visual appearance, both color measurement and shape analysis, IRIS machine vision addresses the industrial needs for visual quality control and inspection systems.

Advantages of IRIS visual analyzer

  • Objective and reliable visual assessment
    reproducible color and shape measurement under controlled conditions, product traceability through data storage, unaffected by product consistency or texture
  • In-depth analysis
    color and shape assessment in one acquisition, whole product analyzed (no mean value)
  • Easy and fast method
    non-destructive analysis, no sample preparation, no limitation on sample size, several samples in one analysis
  • Powerful and flexible
    can be correlated with sensory panel evaluation to study product visual palatability

Technical features of IRIS visual analyzer

Samples are placed on a removable tray in the closable cabin where an image is captured under controlled lighting and measurement conditions, with no influence of outside lighting. Its detection, and data processing method make it a unique instrument.

Visual Analyzer detection technology

IRIS Visual Analyzer is based on high resolution imaging in a closable measurement chamber under controlled D50 compliant lighting conditions, with automated color calibration against a certified color checker. Picture acquisition is achieved by a CMOS camera (16 million colors, software-monitored). Data processing is done on both colors (color codes)and shapes parameters ( circularity, aspect ratio, Hu moments) on the picture of the whole product.
Detection Iris visual analyzer

Visual Analyzer data processing software

A common and unique platform of the AlphaSoft software monitors all electronic noses, electronic tongue and electronic eye from Alpha MOS range. Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, AlphaSoft is available in 7 languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. AlphaSoft uses multivariate statistical analysis and chemometrics to acquire, compute and interpret visual analyzer measurements.

The picture acquired with IRIS Visual Analyzer can be pre-processed to remove background data for the analysis, visualize the distribution of colors, get information on shape data (circularity, aspect ratio, surfaces, etc)

Data processing Iris visual analyzer
Color spectrum showing the area percentage of each single color Color primitives graph provides even distribution of color differences in the image Shape descriptors table giving information about circularity, aspect ratio, etc

AlphaSoft also offers various statistical data processing models and different decision tools for qualitative or quantitative analysis in visual assessment:

Data processing Iris
Principal Components Analysis (PCA)
Discrimination Factorial Analysis (DFA)
Statistical Quality Control Shelf life over time Partial Least Square (PLS)
Comparative mode
Comparison of numerous samples
Odor / VOC map
Pass/fail or sample qualification
Prediction for new samples
Odor / chemical change over time
Best-before date
Prediction of quantitative parameters: concentration, sensory attribute intensity
  • Reproducible lighting conditions: D50 compliant illumination including back-lighting to avoid shadow effect, LED Technology
  • Removable tray (white or black) diffusing a uniform light
  • Large measurement surface (270 x 390 mm) allowing simultaneous image capture of several samples
  • Automated color calibration against a standardized color checker
  • CMOS camera imaging: 16 million colors, software-monitored, embedded in the cabin for a better protection adapted to Quality Control environment, several lenses of different focal length available to accurately assess very small to large products
  • Powerful AlphaSoft software: instrument monitoring, image acquisition and processing, qualitative and quantitative analysis using multivariate statistics data processing and chemometrics.

Color measurement

As a color imaging system, IRIS measures the color of the whole product or selected portions of this product, whereas colorimeters or spectrophotometers only give an average color value.

This imaging colorimeter can assess uneven or complex surfaces and multi-colored surfaces to determine the proportion of each visible color, color distribution and variations across the surface.

The advanced data processing software offers the possibility to exclude backgrounds, to visualize the color spectrum (percentage of the different visible colors) of the product surface and to get statistics data in order to easily compare several products based on various parameters.

Instrumental color measurement has many applications in visual defect detection, color conformity control to check that it meets acceptable quality standards, color stability over time, benchmarking of competitive products based on visual appearance.

Shape measurement

IRIS advanced imaging performance also allows dimension and shape measurements on products surface, even of irregular size and form.

Image processing gives access to information such as circularity, area, surface ratio between minimum and maximum size.

These shape and dimension measurements produce additional data for comprehensive products comparison in benchmarking applications, or for controlling size distribution in mixes or batches.

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