Electronic Tongue
Instrument for sensory analysis of taste

Taste Ranking Module for ASTREE Electronic Tongue

Consisting of a specific taste sensor set combined with dedicated data processing, the Taste Ranking Module is meant for ASTREE Electronic Tongue, either as a initial configuration or as an additional option.

In addition to the classical electronic tongue functionalities of taste profiling, the Taste Ranking Module offers the possibility to rank products based on specific taste attributes intensity, without the need for sensory panel scores as an input.

Advantages of Taste Ranking Module for ASTREE Electronic Tongue

  • Reproducible and reliable
    instrumental taste measurement avoiding health hazards or fatigue issues linked with human sensory evaluation
  • Rapid and direct ranking
    of samples on sourness, saltiness and umami intensities
  • Fast analysis run
    3 minutes per sample
  • Easy method
    for ranking on other common taste attributes

Technical features of Taste Ranking Module for ASTREE Electronic Tongue

This module compares similar products over one or several taste descriptors by performing a relative grading of their intensity on these taste attributes:

  • • Rating on a 0-12 scoring scale of taste attributes level
  • • Direct ranking on sourness, saltiness, umami intensity
  • • Ranking on other tastes (such as sweetness, bitterness, astringency, metallic, spicy, pungency) is achieved by applying standard addition of the relevant taste-related compounds
  • • Taste measurements can be mapped on radar plots, similar to sensory panel evaluation reports or on 1-axis or several-axes graphs representing taste attributes

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