Odor analysis module
Instrument for sensory analysis of odor

AroChemBase: database of compounds for aroma & chemical analysis

This software module consists of a database of compounds for aroma & chemical analysis using gas chromatography and Kovats Index calculation.

It helps characterize the compounds separated by gas chromatography and achieves compounds matching based on their Kovats index. It is designed for fast sensory profiling and detailed chemical and aroma characterization.

Advantages of AroChemBase, database of compounds for aroma & chemical analysis

Arochembase module for sensory analysis of odor
  • The most comprehensive chemical & sensory library
    ever for gas chromatography analysis
  • Easy to use
    no specific skills required to be able to characterize products
  • Flexible & customizable
    ability to enrich the database with user data, to extract tailored sub-libraries
  • Reliable identification
    of compounds with HERACLES and ULYS thanks to the 2 columns

Technical features of AroChemBase, database of compounds for aroma & chemical analysis

Usable with HERACLES Electronic Nose or any gas chromatography system (equipped with suitable alkanes detector and producing compatible .cdf files), AroChemBase is the most powerful and comprehensive chemical & sensory library ever:

  • • Nearly 84,000 compounds with name & synonyms, formula, CAS number, molar mass, Retention Index
  • • Around 2,000 compounds with sensory attributes
  • • More than 1,800 compounds with human odor detection thresholds
  • • 4,750 references of publications from more than 200 world major scientific journals
  • • Information available for 267 gas chromatography columns
  • • Chemical compounds sorted by application domain / chemical family such as Food, Flavors & Fragrances, Pesticides, etc
  • • Software available in 7 languages: French, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German

Main functionalities

AroChemBase module is a powerful tool to boost chemicals and odors measurement and identification:

  • Numerous search options based on one or several combined criteria: per compound name, synonym, formula or CAS number, per Retention Index value or interval, per olfactory attribute
  • Possible addition and editing of new compounds: users can enter and modify their own data, create their classification groups
  • Chemical compounds characterization directly available from the chromatograms: for all integrated peaks, default identification functionality proposes a list of possible chemical molecules, sorted by relevance index to help with the identification. Users can then fine-tune the characterization based on known data about the samples.

Main applications

  • • Aroma profiling
  • • Chemical characterization
  • • Sensory Benchmarking: competitive products or gold standard, re-formulation or retro-engineering
  • • Off-odor identification: cause of odor-related defect, consumer claim
  • • Identification and characterization of sensory changes during shelf life
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