Analytical Instruments
for Sensory Analysis of Odor, Taste, Vision

Sensory analysis of odor, taste, and vision with analytical instruments

Our analytical instruments, referred as Electronic Sensing instruments, are aimed at analyzing the chemical and sensory properties of products, in a way similar to human sensory panels:

Electronic noses

measure Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and odors,

Electronic tongues

analyze the taste of products,

Vision analyzers

evaluate the color and shape,

Gas chromatographs

analyze the chemical composition of products and, coupled with the odor analysis module, can further qualify odor-related compounds.

Sensory perceptions (odor, taste, sight) are highly interdependent, that is why combined analysis of the various sensory attributes is often necessary. Based on the same working principle and the same software platform, our analytical instruments deliver complementary results, with the possibility to map odor, taste and visual measurements in a single graph

Why use Electronic Sensing Instruments for sensory analysis?

Improve the reliability of sensory assessment: instrumental measurement of human perceptions guarantees a reliable sensory assessment of products based on an overall measurement of aroma, taste and visual features and data traceability over time. Get easy-to-understand results: by providing fast decision-making results, electronic sensing instruments address the needs of quality control and product development laboratories for both qualitative and quantitative analyses in which odor, taste or vision parameters are involved. Optimize the sensory features of your products: thanks to high throughput analysis potential, electronic sensing instruments increase analysis power for product optimization purposes.

Gain competitive advantage: as efficient benchmarking and retro-engineering tools, electronic sensing analyzers contribute to enhancing competition awareness on organoleptic properties. Take faster decisions at the point of production: fast result delivery and high analysis throughput capabilities allow to speed up batch release and reduce storage times.

Range of Analytical Instruments

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