Sensory Analysis of Vision

Visual analyzer, instrument for sensory analysis of vision.

Instrumental visual assessment services

Visual appearance, including colors and shapes, is the first sensory parameter of the product that is perceived by the consumer.

Contrary to colorimeters and spectrophotometers that measure an average color and do not actually assess what the human eye sees in the object, our visual analyzer performs an overall visual evaluation of the different colors and shapes as seen by consumers.
Using this high-end technology based on in-depth image analysis, we can provide our customers bespoke contract services to meet their need for comprehensive visual inspection of their products.

Our range of visual evaluation services

  • • Control of visual conformity against an agreed standard
  • Visual inspection of uniform and non-uniform colored surfaces
  • • Visual inspection of mixes and blends
  • Detection of exogenous colors or materials
  • • Stability and shelf life monitoring through appearance and visual changes assessment
  • • Comprehensive profiling of visual aspect for new product development
  • • Benchmarking of competitive products based on visual attributes
  • Visual characterization of complex products
  • • Evaluation of process impact on visual aspect
  • Visual comparison of batches produced from different manufacturing sites or at different times

Why outsource your visual evaluation at Alpha MOS?

  • Objective and reliable visual measurement produced from instrumental analysis, using controlled lighting conditions and calibrated color measurement
  • Color and shape measurement in one analysis
  • • Global analysis of the overall product as seen by the consumers, without averaging the measurements
  • • Possibility to focus the inspection on specific areas of the product
  • • Ability to measure non homogeneous colors and surfaces
  • • Non-destructive technique: the product is analyzed as it appears to the eye
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