Sensory Analysis of Taste

Electronic tongue, instrument for sensory analysis of taste.

Instrumental taste assessment services

Taste is a key component in sensory evaluation testing. The tongue perceives the savors among which the basic tastes (sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness, umami).

Our electronic tongue instruments can perform an overall taste evaluation as the human tongue does. Using this high-end technology, we can provide our customers bespoke contract analysis services to help them solve their taste-related issues.

Our range of taste evaluation services

  • Off-taste detection and quantification
  • Taste assessment and comparative studies
  • Taste profiling for new product development
  • Taste masking efficiency testing
  • • Benchmarking on the taste of competitive products
  • Retro-engineering based on taste
  • • Product authentication based on taste profile analysis
  • • Follow-up of taste evolution over dissolution
  • Detection of taste adulteration
  • Influence of the taste of ingredients and raw materials on the final product
  • Taste attributes quantification
  • • Relative ranking of similar products based on their intensity over a taste descriptor
  • Bitterness measurement
  • Quantitative taste assessment in correlation with sensory panel evaluation
  • Taste stability over time and storage

Why outsource your taste evaluation at Alpha MOS?

  • Objective and reliable taste measurement produced from instrumental analysis
  • • A means to avoid unpleasant testing of bitter substances for sensory panel assessors
  • • No more safety issues linked to human tests
  • Fast delivery of results for taste profiling
  • • Very sensitive techniques for taste measurement
  • • Automated method for taste measurement over time and taste follow-up over dissolution
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