Sensory Analysis of Odor

Electronic nose, instrument for sensory analysis of odor.

Instrumental odor assessment services

Odor is a key characteristic in sensory evaluation. The sense of smell perceives odor-related volatile organic compounds. Odor analysis is all the more important as, according to many scientific works, 80% of the perception of taste is actually a perception of odors by retro-olfaction.

Our electronic nose instruments can perform an overall odor evaluation as the human nose does, and some of these analyzers can additionally identify and characterize odor-related compounds.
Using this high-end technology, we can provide our customers bespoke contract analysis services to help them solve their odor issues.

Our range of odor evaluation services

  • Off-flavor / off-odor identification and quantification (e.g. plastic odor in food)
  • Odorant contamination
  • • Possible interactions between packaging and content, migration of volatile compounds from plastic
  • Aroma quality control against accepted standards
  • Control of flavor dilution rate
  • Odor compliance of raw materials from a new supplier
  • Aroma profiling for new product development or competitive benchmarking studies
  • • Products reverse engineering based on aroma
  • • Product authentication based on odor profile analysis
  • • Detection of aroma adulteration
  • Quantitative odor analysis: determination of olfactory attributes intensity in correlation with sensory panel scoring scale
  • • Aroma stability over time and storage, flavor ageing
  • Rancidity detection and oxidation-related odors analysis
  • Odor masking efficiency assessment

Why outsource your odor evaluation at Alpha MOS?

  • Objective and reliable odor assessment produced from instrumental analysis
  • • A possible correlation of instrumental odor measurements with sensory panel tests allowing to later avoid unpleasant human testing and reduce sensory panel workload
  • • An overall odor evaluation similar to the sense of smell
  • Fast delivery of results for odor profiling
  • • Very sensitive techniques for odor and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) measurement
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