Chemical Analysis

PR3000, instrument for chemical analysis.

Gas chromatography and chemical analysis services

Fully equipped with electronic nose, electronic tongue, visual analyzer, gas Chromatography systems and other chemical analyzers, our laboratory facilities can answer your needs for chemical analysis.

Our range of chemical analysis services

Sample preparation & extraction, fingerprint analysis or chemical compounds separation, identification and quantification for:

  • Chemical comparison of various formulations of a new product
  • • Evaluation of process influence or efficiency
  • • Supplier selection based on chemical conformity
  • Chemical compound quantification
  • • Shelf life follow-up

Why outsource your chemical analysis at Alpha MOS?

  • • Get a customized solution to solve your issue
  • • Access to usual and new technologies & special expertise not available in-house
  • • Benefit from a complete set-up and optimization of analysis methods
  • • Achieve specific or short term projects upon request
  • • Decrease internal resource workload
  • • Convert fixed costs (workforce, expertise, facilities) into variable costs.
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