Sensory Analysis Services
of Odor, Taste, and Vision

Sensory analysis services of Odor, Taste, and Vision

Alpha MOS laboratory for sensory analysis of odor, taste, and vision, via instrument.

Through our laboratories located in France, USA, Japan and China, we can offer a wide range of chemical and sensory analysis services worldwide.

We have experience in many industrial areas such as food, beverage, packaging, materials, flavors, fragrances, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and environment.
Using our proprietary sensory analysis and chemical analysis instruments, we characterize products based on odor, taste, visual or chemical parameters.

What do our sensory analysis services cover?

Our comprehensive analytical and testing services cover:

  • Sensory profiling of products
  • • Products comparison / comparative evaluations
  • • Competitive benchmarking
  • • Shelf life assessment
  • • New product development, product optimization and retro-engineering studies
  • • Quality control monitoring

Why outsource your chemical and organoleptic tests at Alpha MOS?

By working with our laboratory, you will benefit from:

  • • Our 20-year experience and expertise in chemical and sensory analysis
  • • A global multi-sensory approach: odor, taste, vision
  • • A complete & customized solution from project definition (objectives, sample set), experimental design, analysis run to results report delivery
  • • Reliable results produced from instrumental measurements obtained with proven technology that can be correlated with sensory panel evaluation
  • • A concise understanding of large amounts of data highlighting from numerous samples with many sensory features
  • • Easy-to-understand graphs and conclusions that will give you the meaningful input you need for making decisions
  • • Fast results delivery that helps reduce time & cost required to develop and market a new product that meet the desired sensory characteristics
  • • A means to decrease internal workload on sensory testing to re-focus human resources on their core tasks
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